weekkkkkkkkk 7

8 03 2010

It helps present the material in a different way. Some people are visual learners and seeing pictures and hearing sounds helps them understand the material better. And when you add pictures to a presentation it helps to show emphasis on the certain topic you are trying to convey. You know if you message is being effective if people are paying attention, asking questions, passing tests, etc. If its not working you need to provide other ways for people to learn the information if they are not visual learners such as reading textbooks or writing papers.


Week 6

8 03 2010

My preferred ways of communicating are through e-mail, instant messaging, phone calls, and text messaging! When talking on the phone to someone I use normal everyday english but when im text messaging or talking on the internet through instant messaging I use abbreviations such as lol, jk, haha, brb, omg, etc. I know some people however that like to use those abbreviations in there everyday communication.

Organizing My World! :)

22 02 2010

I organize my school work and my work schedule in a planner by using different colors for each activity. I have 4 classes and usually work 4 days a week. The colors are as follows: Work is in Green, Infant and Toddler Dev. is in Purple, Infant and Toddler Edu. is in Red, Child-Youth Guidance is in Orange, and Computer Appl. is in Blue.  I do not set personal goals to get things accomplished but I really should since I’m an awful procrastinator. But if I did I would reward myself with a pair of shoes or a bag since I can’t get enough of either one of those 2 things! My priorities are definitely school work though.. even though I wait until the last-minute.. my school work always gets done on time.


15 02 2010

Yes, I believe humans function in networks. Networks can be a group of friends you confide in or a group of people you work with or even a group of moms that work together for the sake of their children. I think there are pros and cons for working both with people and independently. Working independently you can form your own ideas but on the other hand it may be hard to figure something out if you dont necessarily understand it. Working in a group is good if you work better with the help of other people, if you work well feeding off other peoples ideas then working in a group would be better for you. A con to working in a group is that you have to rely on other people to do their side of the work and that is not always a good thing.

Weeeeeeeek 3

8 02 2010

 When you first read or are told information in goes into your brain as it does into the computers “brain.” We then start processing the information in our heads by the means of weeding out the good information from the bad just like the processing of a computer does. Then the computer sends the information out on the screen and we send the information we have processed out through writing it down or speaking it. Computer storage and storage in our brains I believe act the same way. We can retain information for a short amount of time or long amount of time according to how we want. If we like a certain website then we can save it as a favorite and retrieve it whenever we want just like with long term memory. I think computers learn something new everyday or maybe they are taught something  new everyday, like how to do a certain thing better or easier or faster. I think learning is the process of retaining the information that is given to you whether its by writing it down or saving it in your brain with your long term or short term memories.  One of the things that i believe are different between computers and humans is that i think computers have a little bit more storage room. And that computers have a more explained way of working problems out then humans do.

Week 2

30 01 2010

I did not actually choose which Version I thought I should be apart of. But on the other hand I do agree with the one I was actually put it. I would like to refreshen my skills that I’ve taught myself and learn new ones and I think that this class can help me with that.


23 01 2010

I’ve never used Moodle before or even heard of it. I found it all quite confusing due to the different dates from semesters past. I think it would be a lot easier if it were more up to date. I’ve seen a few people online and attended the online chat on Friday! Hope it gets easier as the semester goes along!! 🙂