Final Blog :)

11 05 2010

1. What did you think was most difficult about the course?
         I think the most diffucult part of this course was the remembering to go to the SAM website and doing those exams on top of the blackboard assignments.
2. What do you think was easiest?
       The easiest part of this course were the blogs!! All you had to go was answer the questions using your opinion.
3. What was most challenging about taking a class at a distance?
       I think the meeting up for the chat would have helped make this class a little easier!
5. What did you learn about communication using technology tools?
       I didnt realize how little i knew about word!!    
6. What were your favorite technolgy tools to use? Least favorite? Why?
       Powerpoint was easy and fun! I’ve never made a web page before! it was confusing and very tedious
7. What do you feel you learned in this course about solving problems?
       Solving problems need to be handled first, no procrastination, need to be more organized 
8. What would you do differenly if you could take the course again?  be more hands on when it comes to the SAM’s webpage and get better organized!!


Week 14

26 04 2010

I think technology has changed society in so many different ways. From how you read the daily newspaper, to how people are diagnosed and treated for illnesses. I find myself just getting on the internet just for the hell of it! I could be completely content watching tv or goin outside but instead find myspace on facebook! It has been an advantage to the way I learn. I know some people that dont really like internet classes but I really do! And sometimes things that you read on the internet makes you think! Technology has helped my communicate with my family in ways that I never thought I would be able to. I can skype my sister in Washington or skype my dad who is in South Korea!! It’s amazing!! I think the internet and technology in the future will be mostly positive. I think there will be even more interactions on the computer for jobs then there is now and there is already a lot! I will probably still continue to be on the computer a lot but hopefully for more intellectual things instead of Facebook! haha! 🙂

WK 13

19 04 2010

The design of a website is important because if the website is easily navigated then people will want to look around and if the information provided is done so in a clear, readable way then people are going to want to use it. For example the nike swoosh is a well known symbol and if it is shown on the Nike website people know it is a legit thing! The presentation of a website like I said earlier impacts what and how we learn. Whether it provides knowledgeable material, or links, or even pictures. Most people will not stay on a website if it is difficult to navitgate through or if it is hard to read or if you have so many different things on there that it takes too long to load.

wk 12

19 04 2010

Usually I evaluate what is real or true just by the sources I get the information from. Wiki is NOT a reliable source. Most of the time sources with .org, .gov, and .edu are usually reliable. It is very hard to tell anymore what is real or true especially in the news today.  I would assume that is a reliable source and only because it is a .org website.

Week Eleven

5 04 2010

Yes, I do believe learning is easier when you’ve already dealt with a certain situation. When it is related to a situation you have already been familiar with you can put your own 2 sense in about how it affected you or what you learned from it.  I think know matter your past experience you can always relate that to something your learning. Of course there are some things that are always true like how much my parents love me(it might waiver a little if i upset them but for the most part its always there haha) But there are some things that we thought were true but as we are growing up learn that things change and easliy as people do!

Wk Ten!!

5 04 2010

When you put information in a database you can expect certain outcomes as you can with learning. You can put in numbers and have the sum of the numbers come out in a database, as with learning, you can put all the information you learned into a test and get a grade out of it. It’s different because you can’t learn any new information like you can from a textbook. To know something means you can recall something that you have learned before. To know if something is real or true, you can trust the person telling you(like a teacher) or you can look it up yourself. My view of what is real and what is not has changed a lot since i’ve been in college. I know take things at face value, if i questions something or have doubts i will look it up or figure it out and not just let someone else figure it out.

Wk 8

22 03 2010

Spreadsheets help lay out different information if for example you are trying to budget your income. I have never done this before but it will be something i want to consider doing in the future. Using spreadsheets to help you understand where your money is going can be very helpful. You can fill out your spreadsheet with the different things you spend your money on and how much you are spending and then you can develop a pie chart to see what percentage of your income are going to those certain things.