Final Blog :)

11 05 2010

1. What did you think was most difficult about the course?
         I think the most diffucult part of this course was the remembering to go to the SAM website and doing those exams on top of the blackboard assignments.
2. What do you think was easiest?
       The easiest part of this course were the blogs!! All you had to go was answer the questions using your opinion.
3. What was most challenging about taking a class at a distance?
       I think the meeting up for the chat would have helped make this class a little easier!
5. What did you learn about communication using technology tools?
       I didnt realize how little i knew about word!!    
6. What were your favorite technolgy tools to use? Least favorite? Why?
       Powerpoint was easy and fun! I’ve never made a web page before! it was confusing and very tedious
7. What do you feel you learned in this course about solving problems?
       Solving problems need to be handled first, no procrastination, need to be more organized 
8. What would you do differenly if you could take the course again?  be more hands on when it comes to the SAM’s webpage and get better organized!!




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