Week 14

26 04 2010

I think technology has changed society in so many different ways. From how you read the daily newspaper, to how people are diagnosed and treated for illnesses. I find myself just getting on the internet just for the hell of it! I could be completely content watching tv or goin outside but instead find myspace on facebook! It has been an advantage to the way I learn. I know some people that dont really like internet classes but I really do! And sometimes things that you read on the internet makes you think! Technology has helped my communicate with my family in ways that I never thought I would be able to. I can skype my sister in Washington or skype my dad who is in South Korea!! It’s amazing!! I think the internet and technology in the future will be mostly positive. I think there will be even more interactions on the computer for jobs then there is now and there is already a lot! I will probably still continue to be on the computer a lot but hopefully for more intellectual things instead of Facebook! haha! 🙂




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