Weeeeeeeek 3

8 02 2010

 When you first read or are told information in goes into your brain as it does into the computers “brain.” We then start processing the information in our heads by the means of weeding out the good information from the bad just like the processing of a computer does. Then the computer sends the information out on the screen and we send the information we have processed out through writing it down or speaking it. Computer storage and storage in our brains I believe act the same way. We can retain information for a short amount of time or long amount of time according to how we want. If we like a certain website then we can save it as a favorite and retrieve it whenever we want just like with long term memory. I think computers learn something new everyday or maybe they are taught something  new everyday, like how to do a certain thing better or easier or faster. I think learning is the process of retaining the information that is given to you whether its by writing it down or saving it in your brain with your long term or short term memories.  One of the things that i believe are different between computers and humans is that i think computers have a little bit more storage room. And that computers have a more explained way of working problems out then humans do.




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